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Vitamin Immune Reboost

Everyday work and stress including loss of sleep, not enough exercise can be weakening our immune system. Healthy immune system can help prevent many disease and it is the critical starting point for healthy body.

What is Vitamin Immune Reboost?

Vitamin Immune reboost is vitamin formula from jittalife can help strengthening your immune system thus help decrease risk of many disease ,for example, infection and cancer

Why you need Jittalife vitamin immune reboost?

vitamin immune reboost formula from jittalife consist of high antioxidant properties thus can help you feel more fresh, less fatigue, feeling less stress. Due to its high antioxidant properties, this serve as antiaging, help skin look brighter and younger.

Who would need jittalife vitamin immune reboost formula?

Those who want to strengthening the immune system function

Those who has frequent cold or other infection

How you receive vitamin immune reboost formula?

jittalife vitamin immune reboost formula is Provided through intravenous injection which take 30-60 minutes. We suggest to be given once or twice a week for at least 4 doses.

Who should not receive vitamin immune reboostformula?

Children who age less than 15, pregnant woman, Kidney disease whose GFR less than 60.

Price from 4500 to 3000 Bahts