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Because of environmental pm 2.5 and food, we are at risk for expose many heavy metals which can test through blood and urine heavy metal level. Chelation therapy is a medical procedure that helps remove heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and zinc from human body through the administration of injecting chelating agent through intravenous drip and saline solution.


HOW TO: Chelation Therapy

The concepts of Chelation are as follows:


Provided through intravenous injection with amino acid extracts, called EDTA, vitamins, and minerals.

EDTA functions as a chelating agent which detoxifies such heavy metals as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and zinc accumulated in human tissues and blood cell wall. The detoxification processes the toxic discharge through human urinary system.

The saline solution through intravenous drip takes for 1-2 hrs. During the drip, patients can enjoy relaxation, recreations, or watching TV and listening to music as normal.

After chelation, patients are able to do any activity as normal.


Side effects of Chelation Therapy

At first stage, patients experience fatigue condition due to the detoxification. They need more rest, juice, and nutritious food to restore their health into normal level.  

Who needs Chelation Therapy?

Those with heavy metal accumulation and toxification.

Those with weaknesses in circulation system.

Those with high blood pressure due to inelasticity in the blood vessel.

Those who experienced treatments with coronary balloon, stent, bypass, and have high possibility to experience other round blood clots.

Those who want detoxification.


Chelation Therapy Can Help You


Get detoxified in the body and circulatory system.

Reduce the risk of cancer development.

Improve the performance of circulatory system.

Reduce the possibility to affect blood clots which is the cause of the high blood pressure symptom.

Prevent degenerations due to ineffective circulatory system.

Complete check blood and urine heavy metal from 9000 to 6900 bahts

Chelation therapy from 4500 to 3500 Bahts. Advise do once a week for at least 4-6 times